Introduction – A Private Word with Dunmanians…

A Private Word with Dunmanians…

Dear Dunmanians,

This collection of personal sharings from DHS alumni was conceptualized by Chew Tian Wei and DHSYA(UK). Through these articles, we hope to offer personal and genuine perspectives on various issues that matter to current DHS students, from experience on scholarship applications and interviews to our alumni’s experiences in their respective Universities around the world. This can also serve as a platform for the alumni to pass on their knowledge and experiences to our juniors so that they can learn from our mistakes and be encouraged by our alumni’s achievements.

Looking forward, we will continue to grow and develop this collection of sharings into a useful source of information for Dunmanians everywhere. We hope that this collection of sharings will bring Dunmanians together. Through sharing our experiences and learning from each other, we hope to connect current DHS students with the DHS alumni and also bring our alumni together.

To the alumni who have kindly contributed to this collection of sharings, thank you all for your wonderful contributions. It really means a lot to us. And to all our fellow DHS alumni, if you feel that you have something you want to tell your juniors or an important experience you want to share, please feel free to contribute an article by submitting it to No experience is too trivial to share as long as you feel that it will benefit our juniors and readers. We look forward to receiving your articles and sharing your experiences with fellow Dunmanians!

Lastly, on behalf of the alumni, we hope that you will enjoy reading the articles as much as we have enjoyed sharing them with you.

Phua Sze Wee
Dunman High School Youth Alumni (United Kingdom)


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